Monday, September 26, 2011

Love Notes with Chocolate Covered Straberries Mini Book

Hello everyone here is another one of my mini albums I just completed. I love this mini so much it has so much detail throughout the whole book. And I know some of you are laughing at my title but I named it this because when you want to have a romantic time with your honey, chocolate cover strawberries just sets the mood and when I look at the colors in this book it does just that " Sets the Mood". I think honestly it is a very sexy mini album. What do you think? Smile
This book along with alot of my other mini's is also for sell in my etsy shoppe. So to purchase just scroll along the right side colum and click on the book. Whoever purchases this book will not be disappointed. Thanks again for stopping by my blog. Oh and before I forget I have a part two mini in chipbaord that will be posted here as well.

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