Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Custom Orders

Yes everyone business is picking up rather nice around the hoildays. I have recieved another custom order for 2 books. Yes I said 2 books. I completed both books this week . It was very challenging because I work full time . But I had a ball completing them. Testing out my true pase and racing against the clock because these are Christmas gift to Grandmas for a lady that saw my previous custom order (that is below this post )I did for her friend. I was truely honored that my books are being recognized a true keepsake albums. Im so happy that I can help in making a one of a kind book. So here are the pictures. As always I hope I inspire your creativity. (ps. the binding that I used I am claiming it as the Kaliscrappin Binding Technique because I have never ever seen it done and this will be my signature)

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